AlphaTech, is committed to the continual improvement of its Quality Management System that is designed to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 17025:2017
AlphaTech focuses on achieving Customer Satisfaction through
The management will continue to provide the leadership and the inspiration in motivating its people to uphold its vision of business excellence.
Alphatech takes pride in its service for minimum turnaround time, no additional charges for priority services and for being one of the few if not the only calibration center that sends notification prior to the recommended re-calibration date.
Alphatech team is composed of highly qualified and experienced engineers with several years of experience in both instrumentation and calibration projects maintenance and consultancy. Procedures were designed to comply with international standards fused with the safety policy of the company.

Alphatech caters to the following industries:

– Oil & Gas
– Refineries
– Water
– Sewage
– Irrigation
– Chemical Processing
– Engineering & Contracting Companies
– Cement Manufacturing
– Automotive
– Pharmaceutical
– Telecommunication and Technological
– Weather Stations
     – Hotel Industry
     – Food Manufacturing Industry
     – Marine Industry
     – Electromechanical Contractors
     – Refrigeration Company
     – Aviation
     – Aircraft Maintenance
     – Power Industry
     – District Cooling Company
     – Utilities
     – Switchgear Manufacturing
     – Transport

Some of Alphatech’s client